Specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities

Katherine Paxton is a Canadian Certified Counsellor

Katherine Paxton has supported people with developmental disabilities, multiple disabilities, and dual diagnoses (or multiple diagnoses) for over a quarter of a century. Her current specialization is counselling people who are on the autism spectrum, their families, partners/spouses, children, and employers.  Through her practice she supports adults and children, couples, families, and individuals.

Throughout her life Katherine has reached out to people with diverse abilities as a counsellor, behaviour consultant, front-line caregiver, and as a friend.

Katherine graduated from the Campus Alberta Applied Psychology program with a Masters in Counselling Psychology in 2006. For over twenty-five years she has researched developmental disabilities, has facilitated employment as a job coach and life coach and has mediated disputes. As an expert on the autism and developmental disabilities, she designs and implements workshops and lectures for teachers, facilitators and counsellors within the lower Vancouver Island school district. In 2014 she authored curricula for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy for their Counsellor Mind Ed program. The curricula is around teaching counsellors how to be more effective when counselling young persons and adults who are on the autism spectrum. She has also mentored a pilot project hosted by the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina.

Katherine is also the Mental Health Director at Focus Ability Community Contribution Company. There she provides mental health supports to employees and participants with diverse abilities. Focus Ability CCC is a diversity-friendly employment program that offers employment assessments, training, and job support. Visit them at https://www.focusability.ca.

Photo by Stephen Steffler

Her 2007 published manual for counsellors who are working with people who are on the autism spectrum was awarded the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association’s 2010 book of the year award.

I have the immense pleasure to work and live on Vancouver Island, Canada’s answer to paradise. There is something amazing that happens when you live in a place where you are surrounded by beauty! We have fabulous ocean views, lots of wildlife, and the weather is some of the best that Canada sees! In my spare time I enjoy exploring the creative arts, with the intent to incorporate creativity and artful activities in the therapeutic setting. I also keep koi, a passion that’s fairly common on Vancouver Island. Did you know that koi love Cheerios?
-Katherine Paxton.