Links of Interest

Victoria Society for Children with Autism

Victoria based parent support group. VSCA holds monthly meetings where parents can connect. Often the bring in speakers on different areas of interest in parenting a child who has autism. VSCA has a yearly membership and a lending library.

Autism Saanich

Parent support group based on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island.

“Autism Saanich seeks to work for the benefit of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, their parents, and the educators who work with them in Saanich Schools, while raising awareness about autism in the wider community.”

Autism Community Training BC

A BC site that offers information regarding autism, workshops and training opportunities, and answers regarding the BC autism funding program.

Autism Spectrum Disorders – Canadian American Research Consortium

A international autism site with useful information. Membership is free.

Government of BC Autism Site

Ministry of Children and Family Development site that describes autism, gives direction regarding assessment, and details how the BC Autism Funding works.

Autism Society of BC

Provincial Autism Society site explaining autism and offering information and support for parents of children who have autism and people who have autism.

Community Living Victoria

A non-profit organization that provides supports for people who have special needs and their families. They provide family advocates and referrals to other programs in the community. They also provide comprehensive autism services.


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