Cognitive Behaviour Workshops

1. CBT coping tools for children & adults

“Stinkin’Thinkin & Poisoinous Percpetions” is a workshop focusing on how some types of thinking can be less than helpful for a happy life. This workshop teaches participants to identify unhelpful thought patterns and tools to change these pattens to more helpful ones. The second part of this workshop looks at how our perceptions change our experience, and teaches some tools to change a negative or inaccurate perception to one that is more helpful and positive. The tools taught in this workshop can be used with children as well as adults.

2. Using play to teach self-calming to children

“Fun Ways to Help Children Learn to Calm Down” focuses on teaching self-calming using fun strategies that children will want to use! Being able to self-calm and self regulate is one of the most important skills that a child can learn, and they learn it much more quickly when you can make it fun. This workshop offers several different fun strategies for self-calming that both children and adults enjoy.

3. Anger management – information & treatment approaches

“Hot Under the Collar and Blowing Your Top: Anger Management for Children” is a workshop designed to help children recognize the early stages of anger and learn to use calming tools to self-calm. Strategies and tools learned in this workshop can be applied to children with different needs and of all ages – including adults.

4. Teaching emotional regulation to children- information & treatment approaches

“A Calm Mind is a Learning Mind: Teaching Emotional Regulation to Children With Developmental Disabilities & Other Learning Challenges” One of the greatest barriers to learning for children with or without a developmental disability is poor emotional regulation. Children cannot learn effectively if they are not calm. This workshop teaches how to recognize signs of needing to calm, and teaches several tools to help children with special needs learn to calm themselves, and recognize when they need to calm. These tools work with adults, too, and children of all kinds!

5. Stress management for children – information & treatment approaches

“I Need a Break! Stress and Relaxation for Children” Stress is a fact of life for children as well as adults. In this workshop you will learn about some of the ways children demonstrate that they are under stress, and tools to help them manage their stress. These tools are also very helpful for adults too!

6. Autism lecture series – what isĀ an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how to support people with ASD

“It’s Not the way YOU Think” focuses on the neurological differences of autism spectrum disorders, and the differences in experience and thinking found with an autism spectrum disorder.

“Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders” introduces the characteristics of the autism spectrum, their strengths and support needs, as well as includes helpful strategies for supporting people with ASD.

“Behaviour Management for Beginners” This workshop introduces the principles of behavior changeĀ  as a tool for learning skills as well as a tool for behavior change. Learn the different reasons or functions of behavior, and several strategies to promote positive behavior development.

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